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Navigate Mental Health Challenges and Rediscover the Resilience within Yourself

Scotty p mental health motivational speaker in Philadelphia

Poor mental health awareness results in a lack of productivity, disengagement and burnout in the corporate world, teacher world, and college world.

Without legitimate cognitive strategies for building resiliency and positivity, people will stay stagnant in a negative mindset, where little progress and growth can be made.

Scotty p mental health inspirational speaker speaking to crowd
Scotty p mental health motivational speaker

Through a combination of mindful strategies and a compassionate touch, Scotty P aims to help others overcome the everyday mental health obstacles that hold them back in life. 

Mental Health Speaker

How and Who Scotty P Helps

 Navigating Life through the Lens of Hope

Through keynote speeches, one-on-one coaching, or interactive workshops... bringing forth inspiration from struggle is Scotty's priority. Scotty believes that Identifying and validating one's own struggles is the first step towards breaking the mental strongholds occupying the mind on a daily basis.

Foster a healthy and productive organization by helping employees overcome workplace depression and anxiety.

Equipping college students with the skills to identify and overcome college related anxiety and depression.

Empowering educational professionals with strategies to overcome anxiety and burnout in the education field.

Building leadership skills for students - empowering them to become mental health leaders in their communities.

Designed to help business professionals to become authentic mental health leaders in the workplace.

Helping corporate professionals, adults, and entrepreneurs become the best version of themselves.

Scotty p mental health motivational speaker event keynote speech

5 years in the Mental Health Field


Temple University Graduate Class of "19

Spoken in 35 different states to over 100,000 people
Host of “The Scotty P Inspiration Show”

Multiple Appearances on Good Day Philadelphia Fox 29 News

Keynote speaker for The Phillies Minding Your Mind “Strikeout the Stigma Event”

Executive board member for NSA Philly

(National Speakers Association)

Meet Scotty P.

Philadelphia’s Inspirational 

Scotty P Mental Health speaker

Hi, I’m Scott J. Prendergast

I'm a full-time inspirational speaker and mental health advocate based out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I speak to inspire others to move past the everyday mental obstacles that hold them back in their own lives. My ultimate goal is to help others find the light in their own lives, despite the darkness that lurks around every corner. Before we can move past the obstacles holding us back, we must first validate and empathize with ourselves and the troubles plaguing us. Then we can begin to build resilience, and learn to experience peace, even in the strongest storms life throws our way.

What’s the word on Scotty P?

Scott came to speak at our corporate headquarters and he was highly received! In the 20 years I’ve been with the company, we have never had a guest speaker keep us so intrigued.


Hayes Tech USA

Scott was super relatable and his genuine demeanor made every single person in the audience feel like he was talking directly to them. We will absolutely be bringing Scott back to speak!

James Madison University Tri Sigma Sorority

I was stuck for a period with my own business before we started working together. Immediately, Scott helped me create momentum. I am looking forward to seeing where that takes us.


The Better Coach Sports Performance

Scotty P Inspiration

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