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Business & Corporate Events

-Business and corporate presentations offer employers and employees insight on how mental health affects their work environment and culture. Studies show that acknowledging and identifying mental obstacles faced in the workplace not only helps the culture and mood, it also increases productivity.  

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Phot0 taken at a Minding Your Mind Events 

Scott speaks to organizations on how to identify and overcome workplace anxiety and depression. The strategies presented will provide both employees and employers insight on how to better identify these issues and work collaboratively to move past them. For specific content requests contact Scott here.

The overall goal of this program is to provide businesses/corporations insight about their employees' mental health in the workplace. Scott will provide strategies to help individuals and their colleagues acknowledge, address, and begin to overcome these challenges.


Business and corporate programs cost: Email Scott for details

Program includes:

-One hour presentation

-Extended Q&A up to 45- minutes 

-Detailed plan given to employers to improve corporate mental health culture 

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