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executive leadership development program


Become an authentic mental health leader in the workplace.

Work Colleagues utilizing skills learned during executive leadership program

Corporate leaders face significant demands,

including performance pressures and daily responsibilities to optimize their teams.

This often leads to neglecting mental health and leadership practices, as quarter-end numbers take precedence.

The Executive Leadership Development Program is designed to help business employees, and those in corporate leadership roles, to become authentic mental health leaders in the workplace.

An Authentic Executive Leadership Program

What does it mean to be authentic? Most people will tell you being authentic means showing yourself to the world as you are. But here’s the thing, how many of us truly show ourselves as we are to the world? (Crickets) Not many of us. That’s because we've been told that authenticity leads to vulnerability, and vulnerability is a weakness. This couldn't be further from the truth! 


When we are authentic and vulnerable it helps us to lead effectively! Why? Simply because we’re able to connect on a deeper level with those around us, when we "take off the mask" we've been wearing. In this workshop, attendees will not only learn how to become authentic mental health leaders in the corporate setting, but also unlock the power of true authenticity and vulnerability.

corporate leadership team building Business Leadership Skills

Business Leadership Skills

Attendees will gain valuable leadership skills and key audience insights.


Participants will learn strategies to help foster an environment where authenticity and vulnerability are valued in the workplace.


Attendees will discover the proper approach to identifying and shattering mental health stigmas in the workplace.


Participants will acquire techniques to assist them in promoting a culture of employee-centered mental health leadership.

professionals attending executive leadership program

Executive Leadership Program Details

The Business Leadership Program workshop runs for around one hour, this time block includes:


Interactive Activities




Group Discussions

This workshop is designed to keep attendees engaged and involved, while learning how to become an authentic mental health leader in a corporate setting.

Want to bring the  Executive Leadership Workshop to your business?

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