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Community and Group Events 

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Presentations are composed of original inspirational material from Scott J Prendergast, as well as researched and accepted mental health mindfulness practices. Topics include, but are not limited to:
-Learning to overcoming depression
-Finding inspiration in the mundane 
-Coping with everyday anxieties 
-Boosting self-esteem
-Moving past trauma 
-Overcoming everyday mental obstacles
-Changing self-talk from negative to positive 
-Finding peace amidst struggle
-Pushing past your own limitations 
-Learning to defeat your inner critic 
-Building up from rock bottom 
-(Topic requests are taken as well)

Photo taken at a Minding Your Mind Event 

Group and Event Presentations can be virtual or in person. The following rates apply: 

- Online group event: Contact Scott For Pricing 

-In person group event price: Email Scotty for pricing 
- Contact Scott here for alternative event hosting suggestions

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