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Becoming Comfortable With The Uncomfortable


Growth occurs when life gets uncomfortable

The definition of comfortable according to is “providing physical ease and relaxation.”

Physical ease is something that humans absolutely covet. We are constantly looking for ways to make our lives and situations easier throughout our daily routines. But comfort can become a crutch if we are not careful.

When life is comfortable all the time there is no growth that takes place. Think about this in a literal sense: when you are a kid and you’re growing taller, it is uncomfortable, and you seem to be constantly awkward and in pain. But because of that awkwardness and pain you are physically changing, growing into your adult body that will serve you for the rest of your life.

Just as essential as the physical growth is to humans, the mental growth is equally important.

Often times when we are dealing with mentally painful struggles we tend to bury those feelings and do whatever possible to avoid feeling that way again. It is only natural, if you are uncomfortable, then you don’t want to feel that again, it’s human nature.

Instead of dreading those times when life puts us in mentally exhausting and uncomfortable situations, we should learn to embrace them.

Every time that you are really going through the ringer and life is weighing you down, realize that it means you’re growing. You are breaking free from the chains that have held you back, and you’re taking a step towards that next level of your destiny.

That’s what we fail to realize! When troubles come our way, we focus on how difficult it is making everything, and how uncomfortable it is. Instead we should be taking these troubles in stride and being thankful that they have come our way, because it means we are ready to take the next step in life and move forward.

When you are living a life with no struggles or trials, then you aren’t growing, you’re stagnant.

When you are stagnant, you aren’t making progress.

When you aren’t making progress, you’re not getting closer to the dreams and desires you have for yourself.

We have to learn to become comfortable with the uncomfortable, we shouldn’t be afraid of it.

Society has a bit of a taboo about anything that makes us feel bad. We are told to avoid discomfort in anyway and to do whatever makes us feel good. But skipping the discomfort in life is like skipping the entire race and showing up at the finish line.

We need to have discomfort in our lives no matter how painful it may be, if there was no pain, then what would drive us forward?

What would drive us to success?

What would propel us forward?

What would give us motivation?

Being uncomfortable is as essential to us as breathing, and without the hardships that come upon us, we would not be able to get the best out of ourselves.

It has been said that a diamond is merely a lump of coal that prospered under extreme pressure. We all come into this world as lumps of coals with the opportunity to become a shimmering diamond. But without going through uncomfortable situations, there is no way to unlock our true potential and transform into that shinning diamond that’s just beneath the surface.


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