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speakers on mental health in the workplace


Overcome workplace depression and anxiety.


From Rock Bottom… To Rock Solid:

Overcoming Workplace Anxiety and Depression

This interactive program offers value to all employees whether they struggle with a mental health challenge or not. Throughout this program, attendees will be educated on the importance of developing practical coping skills and strategies. These skills can be used immediately to help deal with the demands of their stressful environments. 

Cognitive Behavioral processes will be demonstrated throughout this program, and guided examples will help attendees to build emotional intelligence.

business motivational speakers Scotty P
Motivational Corporate speaker Scotty P

This session will show these professionals how they can identify, manage and properly work through mental health challenges and learn to increase their self-awareness, which will create an inclusive mental health workplace culture.

Corporate professionals are known for taking care of business,

but sometimes it's necessary to step back and take care of oneself.

Audience enjoying business speaker

Key Audience Takeaways


Your staff will learn to Identify what workplace anxiety and depression looks like, and how to apply the proper coping skills to manage symptoms effectively.


Your staff will be educated on how to break loyalties to dysfunctional and destructive ways of thinking that result in lost productivity, through an emphasis on emotionally intelligent and mindful strategies.


Your staff will acquire the skills and techniques to develop resilient core beliefs about themselves, and rediscover their “resiliency muscle” in response to adversity faced in the workplace.

What organizations are saying about Mental Health Speaker Scotty P!

Wish I could give more than 5 stars! Scott came to speak at our corporate headquarters and he was highly received! In the 20 years I’ve been with the company, we have never had a guest speaker keep us so intrigued. All of our associates were able to take something away from his presentation, especially in this day and age. We look forward to having him out again soon! Thanks again Scotty P!


Hayes Tech USA

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Become an authentic mental health leader in the workplace! Check out the Executive Leadership Development Program

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