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Teacher development


Identify and overcome anxiety and burnout in the education profession.


Teaching to the Test…

Identifying and Overcoming Teacher Burnout

This interactive program is designed to help teachers and school staff properly identify practical strategies and positive coping skills to overcome the symptoms of anxiety and burnout congruent with the teaching profession.

Scotty P motivational speaker for teachers
Scotty P inspirational speaker for teachers

Coming from a family of four public school teachers with a combined 80 years of experience, this program's content comes directly from the mouths of overworked teachers. This workshop was created based on what teachers feel is necessary to address when it comes to burnout and overall mental wellbeing on the job.

Coming from a family of teachers

I've see the effects of teacher burnout.

Key Audience Takeaways


Teachers and staff will be educated on the specific strategies of “setting boundaries” during, and after the school day is over, to allow reflection and decompression time which is crucial to their mental well being. 


Attendees will discover the restoration power of “pockets of peace” and the importance of separating emotions fueled by work stressors... from emotions fueled by outside uncontrollable factors.


Staff will become educated on the signs and symptoms of “teacher burnout” and learn to determine the difference between burnout, depression, and demoralization. Through various mindful strategies, staff will create their own “backpack” of strategies to combat and overcome burnout.

Scotty P delivering keynote speech for teachers in Philadelphia

What school staff are saying about Mental Health Speaker Scotty P!

Incredible speaker with a genuine love for helping others work through insecurities and dilemmas. Scott is a constant professional with a gift for public speaking and relatability!! I am so grateful to have learned a lot from Scott’s teachings. He is a true role model for all!


Wissahickon High School

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