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life coaching for professionals


Achieve full self-awareness and become the person you know you can be.

Have you lost your spark?

Without that spark to drive us forward, life can feel mundane, dull, and redundant no matter how much status, wealth or success a person has.

Negative self talk got you down?

Ruminating on negative self-talk eats away at an individual's confidence, preventing them from taking the necessary steps towards obtaining their goals and desires.

Life Coaching with Scotty P

Rediscover your inner spark and begin building self-confidence to defeat the inner self-critic holding you back. Life coaching sessions are offered virtually or in person, and are tailored to your specific needs and goals.

Scotty With NFL Legend Karl Mecklenburg

Virtual Life Coaching Session Options


30 Minutes or 1 Hour


30 Minutes or 1 Hour


30 Minutes or 1 Hour

What to expect during our life coaching session.


Vent - Acknowledge - Identify
Life Coaching with Scotty P isn't just a chance to vent to a willing listener, it's a time to acknowledge your struggles, identify your desires, and grow into the best version of yourself.



Scotty P will help you to find that inner confidence and zeal for life that you had once before, and so desperately want to regain.


Compassion & Encouragement

These sessions are filled with compassion, self-assessment, and encouragement. This is how we pull out the best version of oneself that lies underneath the self-doubt and insecurities clinging to the surface of the mind.


It all starts with a conversation.

Book a Free Consultation with Scotty P.

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