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In A World Filled With Inconsistencies, Turn To God

In A World Filled With Inconsistencies, Turn To God

God is the one consistent thing in this world.

Life is filled with inconsistencies. It can be tough to find a consistent balance in your life amidst all the changes.The fact is that we live in a world where everything is always changing and evolving and everyone is always looking for the next big thing. This makes for a tough time trying to find consistency for yourself and your emotions when everything is moving forward.

Gaining consistency over our emotions is not something that we can conquer alone. The best way to gain back consistency in life is to turn to the one thing that is consistent all the time: God.

God’s love for us is the definition of consistent. It never wavers, no matter how bad we may think we are or how far off the tracks we think we’ve traveled. He still loves us. He had his only son, Jesus, die a criminal’s death so that we could be forgiven for our sins and spend eternity with him in heaven.

If that doesn’t show true love, then I’m not really sure we have the definition accurate.

In my experiences talking with people about God and listening to their problems, the general feeling I get from others is that when things go wrong, people are quick to lose faith in God. The thought is that why would God put us through such difficulties if he loves us so much? Or why would he allow bad things to happen to his children?

So, why does God put his children through such trying tasks and the extreme difficulties on a daily basis? Its simple, because he loves us. God knows what’s best for us, we may think we have a clue, but we don’t, not in the slightest.

I’m sure everyone has had a time in their life when they wanted something to happen more than anything, and yet the prayer wasn’t answered. A few weeks, months, or years later we look back at that disappointment and realize “Oh wow now I see why that didn’t work out, because it lead to the great position I’m in now.”

That’s the thing. God has a plan for us, and I know that phrase gets tossed around a lot, especially because of Drake’s song. But it really is true, and clearly Drake is aware of it. We as humans do not have the ability to see into the future. But God sees all, he knows exactly what he’s doing and knows what has to be done in order to get the best out of us.

Somewhere along the line humans came up with this notion that life should be pain-free and easy, but without the pain and difficulties we would accomplish absolutely nothing! God knows that by experiencing disappointment, pain, failure, and adversity that we are going to be able to take our lives to that next level, the next level where we can truly make an impact on this world and become the person he created us to be. If he didn’t bless us with adversities then we would just coast through life, without ever being tested, and therefore never accomplishing anything worthwhile.

Unfortunately, when these adversities come, some people lose faith in God and think that he’s forgotten about them. If only we could just see these adversities as God sees them, as blessings that are going to make us into a stronger person and get us to that next level. Unfortunately, many of us fall into a trap and let these obstacles take over our life by looking at them as a curse and a burden, rather than a blessing from God.

Imagine how upsetting it must be for God, who carefully has crafted your life and has put obstacles in for your benefit, so that you can become a better person and become the person he intended you to be, when he is blamed when things go wrong. His children blame him for struggles and lose faith in him because something is difficult.

Often times when we are dealing with difficulties in our life, we tend to think that God isn’t being fair to us. “Why does he seem to bless everyone else except me… it’s not fair. I’ve been patient, yet nothing is going my way.”

If we take a closer look at those statements, there seems to be a lot of usage of “my way.” But it’s not our way, it’s God’s way and he has so many blessings in store for you. It’s just a matter of keeping the faith.

God answers prayers in three ways: yes, not right now, or I have something better for you. God will never turn a blind eye to a prayer. He is just constantly looking out for our bests interests. So, that prayer might not fit into his plan, but he will bless you with something even better then you could have ever imagined, it may just take some time before that happens.

When you say a prayer to God, he starts setting things in motion. These things can take awhile because he has to plan everything out and make sure you are ready for the blessing to come your way.

Often times, we may pray for something, but we are not ready. We may think we are, but God wants us to grow more. He sees what our future entails, and he knows what we need to experience before we can handle that blessing we prayed for.

God is with us all the time. He gave humans free will so that’s why bad things will happen in this world. But God will take a bad situation and find a way to make some good out of it. We may not see right away how he could possibly turn a situation around for us, yet once we get through it, we look back and realize what he did.

That’s the hand of God working for us behind closed doors, being able to turn a bad situation into a good one is something he does for us all the time. Sometimes we are just blinded by our own anger and sadness to see it.

Our world is constantly changing. There are inconsistencies around every corner, attempting to throw us off track. But I do know that God will be consistent. I know he will bless me no matter what, and that he will be with me always until the end. That much I know for sure, and I also know that he has amazing things planned for each and everyone of us in the future. We just have to keep the faith when he blesses us with adversity.

Remember, God would never give us an obstacle that we weren’t meant to conquer on the way to becoming the person he created us to be. That’s the beauty of following God’s plan, and shout out to Drake for bringing God back to mainstream. We need it in today’s society.


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