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Living Life One Day At A Time

Living Life One Day At A Time

Life is made up of each day's small treasures.

The future is the ultimate thief. It occupies people’s minds and leaves them unable to enjoy the present time. In the society we live in there is such an emphasis on the future, and we are told to constantly worry about it.

Obviously, the future is important, that goes without saying, but that doesn’t mean we should throw today off to the side. Each day we live makes up the days and experiences of our lives.

If we constantly focus on the future and don’t appreciate the things we have today, then it’s as if we are just wasting the days of our lives away.

Each and every day we have great things in our lives, often times we are just blinded by the allure and hope of the future to realize what we currently have.

Maybe it’s our longing to graduate school, or the hope for a change in our lives in some facet. Maybe we are going through a difficult time and yearn for better days. Often times we get caught up in these feelings and tend to slink through our day with the hope that tomorrow brings something better.

Hope is a necessity and it gets us through our toughest times, but during these rough times we have to find a reason to enjoy the current day. We can’t let a problem consume our entire day and make it devoid of happiness.

Living a life constantly hoping for tomorrow will leave you unsatisfied because you are never going to be content with your life, no matter what. There will always be something else you want, something else you can’t wait to have.

This will result in rushing through days as if they are meaningless and disposable. That essentially means that you feel your life is disposable because days are what make up your life. So why not sit back and enjoy something about each and every one of them?

As hard as it can be to enjoy yourself on your worst days, you have to find a reason to smile. Focus on one good thing that is going on, it could be something as little as enjoying your lunch. Each day you have to find something to seek joy from. As you continue on with that mindset, you will see yourself focusing more on the positives in your day.

This results in you enjoying your day more, rather then just hoping to get through it so you can with the hope of something better.

Life is made up of all the little things you do throughout each day, if you skip over those things then you are missing out on your own life.

Perspective is key to living a life of happiness, there is always going to be something to hope for, but you need to focus on what you have today, before you set your sights on tomorrow.

It"s not easy to do, since we are wired to look into the future with anticipation, but life will pass you by if you don’t stop and enjoy today for what it is.


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