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The Key To Eradicating Negativity From Your Life

The Key To Eradicating Negativity From Your Life

Negativity doesn't have to consume your life.

Throughout a typical day there are thousands of thoughts trying to scratch and claw their way into your daily thought process.

Some are happy and joyful, but unfortunately those are the ones that stay for a cup of coffee and then take off out the door, quickly replaced by long staying thoughts of anxiety, insecurity, and self-doubt.

For some, these thoughts unfortunately take root in the mind and become loud voices that are all consuming throughout the day.

If allowed, these negative voices will take over and alter the course of our lives. It can be oh so difficult to battle these negative and neurotic thoughts, since so many of them continually bully their way into your mind on a daily basis.

These thoughts enter your mind in a variety of different ways. It can be from harsh words spewed at you from others over the years. It can be a lack of self-security within yourself.

It can even be from paying too much attention to the media and its idea of a perfect mold that you just don’t seem to fit into.

We live in a world where negativity consumes us, you’re never good enough for anything or anyone, you always have to improve yourself, and you’re in constant need of work.

Rarely do you see news headlines where someone is going around helping anyone that needs it and making others feel good. Instead, you will definitely see stories on how people are robbing, stealing and killing each other.

The problem is our exposure to this never ending onslaught of negativity that is all around us no matter where we turn. We are so used to it that it’s become the norm, we expect it from others, and unfortunately we expect it from ourselves.

When all that is modeled to you is negativity, when all you see and hear is negativity, consequently you are going to start thinking and acting in a negative way, too.

You cannot expect positive things to happen in your life when you have a negative mindset, it’s the same as planting a dollar bill and expecting a money tree to grow.

To some degree, everything you want in life is up to your ability to go after it and take the steps to achieve whatever it is. God will give you the tools to accomplish whatever your heart’s desire is, but at the end of the day he is going to leave the decision up to you to accomplish it.

Since listening to negative thoughts in your head and surrounding yourself with negative people will bring you negativity in your life, the same can be said for positivity.

The single best way to fight back against the negativity that is all encompassing is to inundate yourself with positivity. Sounds too simple to work, but it is the only way to fight back.

Every time you see a negative news story, go and immediately look up a positive one, something that is going to make you smile. Every time you have a negative thought try to ruin your day and throw you off track, fight back with words of positivity about yourself, even if you don’t believe they are true.

You must say them anyways until one day you do believe them.

Instead of focusing on everything you don’t have in life and what you lack, focus on the great things you are blessed to possess and how so many other people would be lucky to have what you have.

This can be a minute by minute battle and exhaustive work. But in order to live the life you want and to feel good about yourself, you must take on the challenge.

The more you flood yourself with positivity, the more it finds a way into every avenue of your life. It takes time, but you will see your thoughts change, which leads to changes in your daily approach, which leads to a change in your actions, which leads to a happier life.

Sometimes the only way to get rid of a problem is to inundate it with its kryptonite over and over again until it’s just a blurry memory in the back of your mind. The kryptonite of negativity is positivity, and you already have it inside you, it’s just a matter of bringing it to the surface.

Life is 95% mental and 5% physical, it’s 98% thought and 2% action. What is in your mind and how you go about approaching each day is the majority of what either makes you successful, or holds you back.

With the right mindset anything can be accomplished, but without it, the physical actions will never follow through.

Before you can make an impact on the world you first have to decide who you want to control your life. You, or the all-encompassing thoughts planted in your head by the society’s obsession with negativity.

The choice is 100% up to you.


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