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college student leadership program


Become a mental health leader in your communities and on campus.

In a country where mental health education is not prioritized in schools,

learning to become a mental health leader doesn't come naturally.

The College Student Leadership Program is designed to educate college students, and those in collegiate leadership positions, build their student leadership skills, and become mental health leaders in their communities and on campus.

girl working on student leadership skills on her laptop

Student Leadership Workshop

College is a time for young people to discover their passions, life’s trajectory, and what they’re truly capable of. The molding experience that college provides students with sets the foundation for their future careers. Leadership is undoubtedly one of those learned foundational pieces, but how do these students become effective leaders when it comes to mental health? 


Through the proper identification of mental health struggles in themselves and their peers, students can foster an environment in which advocacy flourishes, and action is taken. This interactive workshop will provide students with insights and strategies on how to become authentic mental health leaders on campus, in the classroom, and in their communities.

college students enjoying student leadership program

Student Leadership Skills

Attendees will gain valuable leadership skills and key audience insights:


Attendees will learn to how to lead authentically using advocacy for themselves and their peers through the use of storytelling.


Participants will develop skills to assist them in properly identifying mental health challenges in themselves and their peers.


Participants will acquire strategies to help them step out of their comfort zone and become “comfortable with the uncomfortable” as a leader.

college classroom with students building their student leadership skills

Student Leadership Program Details

The Student Leadership workshop runs for around one hour, this time block includes:


Interactive Activities




Group Discussions

This workshop is designed to keep attendees engaged and involved, while learning how to become a mental health leader in their community.

Want to bring the  Student Leadership Workshop to your school?

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