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Jacqueline, Assistant Principal, Vineland High School, NJ (A Minding Your Mind Event)

Scott did an excellent job engaging his audience. Several of our faculty and staff members have since inquired about offering more presentations such as this one to our students. Scott's story was powerful and relevant. Vineland High School appreciates Scott's willingness to share his experiences and wishes him all the best.

Natalie, Director of Services, Rumson, NJ (A Minding Your Mind Event)

Scott was incredible! I was so impressed with his ability to speak to our students and articulate his personal struggles. I was amazed by his bravery and vulnerability on stage! Scott has this incredible ability to connect with every single person in the room, and it's amazing to see. Well done, Scotty P!

Counselor, New Castle, Delaware (A Minding Your Mind Event)

Scott was a fabulous presenter. His presentations were engaging, informative, age appropriate, and extremely well received by our  staff. He addressed depression and positive coping strategies by focusing on real-life examples. We are looking forward to booking future presentations with Scotty P!

Teacher, West Essex, NJ (A Minding Your Mind Event)

Scott was well-spoken, captivating, and was able to relate very well with our students. He had a strong presence and excellent communication skills. I have heard half a dozen guest speakers before, who were all very good, but Scott was fantastic! Not only did he share his personal journey but he educated the students on how they can recognize signs and symptoms, and what they can do to help themselves. He taught them how to identify coping mechanisms and how making yourself happy is key. He truly worked to reduce the stigma surrounding depression and mental illness. He spoke fluidly and presented over five times throughout the day, which is very challenging. We greatly enjoyed having him and all of my students benefited from his messages.

Teacher, Haverford School District, PA (A Minding Your Mind Event)

Scott was an amazing speaker! He really connected with the students with the way he delivered his story. My students were truly listening and engaged in all he spoke about and asked great questions afterwards! 

Bobbi, Lexington, Massachusetts (A Minding Your Mind Event) 

Scott's willingness and ability to be vulnerable and relatable was tremendous. I got such positive feedback from the participants, who now want him to come to their schools. This was such a meaningful presentation and we truly found Scott to be an inspiration.

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